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 Spotlight Canada

Spotlighty Services

Light Studio Space Solutions

At Spotlighty we offer studio space solutions in the most famous city in Canada--Toronto.  Local, regional, national and/or international creators are invited to make Spotlighty Services part of their content creation sandbox.

Fully Customizable Studio Space

Your studio needs are as unique as your next project. Click here for  detailed information and deeply discounted hourly studio time.

Creator Studio Space

Content creators meet your guests at Spotlighty Studios. Select our blowout annual membership plan.

Collaborators Studio Space

Find out how you can be part of a small group of  regular independent collaborators at Spotlighty Studios who block out 12 hours per month of reserved studio time for one low monthly fee. 

Virtual Studio/Mailing Address

If you want to add a Toronto address to your website we can hook you up. Get the details at Spotlighty Studios.