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Echo Messiahh is the name of an up and coming Gospel Singer who was born and raised in Manchester, Jamaica.

His music is a sacred manifestation inspired by the Holy Spirit. Artistically, Echo Messiahh unites classical music and Gospel Spirituals to deliver deep messages that beckon listeners—encouraging them to draw closer to God.

His song lyrics are gleaned from an array of scripture, and Biblical lessons, including Proverbs and Psalms, as well as deliverance preaching and revelatory teachings based on the word of God. Melody and harmony are set by divine inspiration.

1. QUESTION: Welcome to the show. “Echo Messiahh” how did you receive your name?

2. QUESTION: Which of the songs on your EP has the greatest international

chart topping potential?

3. QUESTION: Would you sample one of your songs for us now, in order to showcase how your style of singing embodies that of an “Echo”.

4. QUESTION: Talk to us about your EP Gospel With a Difference. What can we expect.

5. QUESTION: In your personal or professional life, what have you overcome that speaks to your relationship with Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?

6. QUESTION: Echo Messiahh, Thank for sharing the essence of your one-of-a-kind Gospel music on the show.