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Corona Diaries Doc

May 29, 2021

Magazine Spotlight Canada caught up with Israeli filmmaker Ariel whose new documentary, Corona Diaries is a slice of reality in the United States of America during the Global Pandemic of 2020-2021.

Spotlight: With a partner Shahar Gaham-director and video editor, Ariel opened a production company in the US-called Golden Space Entertainment. Two short films are currently in development.

To be sure, Ariels started acting and screenwriting at age sixteen. Here we discuss his ten years in the film and entertainment industry to tease out anecdotes that give a glimpse of the man behind the camera lens.

Spotlight: Talk about cutting your teeth as an actor.

“My first time as an Actor in the theatre, I was accepted by the managing director for a Youth Assemble Group with young experienced actors and then within one month I got the lead part in the show.”

Spotlight: Ariel didn't know if he had the chops for screenwriting but decided to find out by creating a piece for himself.

He received positive feedback on his script which led him to search for a producer.

What can you tell us about your first feature film?

“I almost produced a feature film in Israel. I performed in an Israeli Play in the Theatre and I had an idea for it to become a film. I talked with the manager and he told me that if I assembled a crew, I could go ahead. I put together a crew by myself and most of the people didn’t realize that I was a teenager.”

Spotlight: Ariel’s acting journey has taken him all over the world from The Studio Theatre in Haifa, the Fringe Centre. He acted until he finished his service in the Israel Defence Forces. Throughout his time in the forces he maintained performance roles exploring all genres from Shakespeare to original plays. 

How did it come about that you studied acting and filmmaking on different continents?

“I saved money and I studied screenwriting in a few universities in the UK. Afterwards I trained with an Hollywood acting coach and was accepted to Film and Acting schools all over the world but decided to study one year at Lee Strasberg Film & Theatre Institute LA.”

Spotlight: What did you learn in your Corona Diaries project worth passing on to up-and-coming documentary filmmakers?

“I think a documentary exposes you to the truth, and that's the most interesting thing. You connect with the participants and learn a lot about them.”

Spotlight: Talk about the importance of going the distance in pursuit of one’s dreams.

“I created the Documentary Film The Corona Diaries and

it was a great experience.

I casted and produced one American Short Film titled, In House. The language barrier proved a formidable obstacle. Many people told me that I can't succeed in the US although I studied screenwriting and acting in the best film and acting schools in the world. A lot of people in Israel don't believe that Israelis can succeed in Hollywood.”

Spotlight: Securing financing from an Arts Foundation is a super competitive process. What can you say about that?

"You get the money directly in order to finance your film but it’s harder to get money this way because there are many people who want this type of financing but few succeed."

Spotlight: You are only 26-years-old, while you focus on your goal to break into Hollywood, what else do have planned?

“Nowadays I'm working on my demo reel and my American accent and I'm a student at University of Haifa. I plan to study abroad afterwards again.”

Spotlight learned that Ariel also plans to launch Tiktok and YouTube channels to create content that can help people in Israel make it in the US. A noble endeavour that we wish to see Ariel accomplish as he makes great strides within the film and entertainment industry.